Maybe it's a bit late for the first blog post, but oh well, there's a cliché saying that starting is half the job, and we drew strength from that to start writing. Important Note: Please forgive us for any spelling mistakes.

First of all, how are you? We hope you are doing well.. :)

In this first post, we want to give a brief summary. We graduated from university, worked here and there, wondered if we could find a job, and found ourselves slowly opening a website on the internet, pushing the conditions hard, really hard. After all, we had to start somewhere; we had to be free!

Just when we were full of worry, wondering if it would work or not, did we make it or not, we looked back and realized that a year had already passed.. Of course, is it possible to forget those who supported us materially and spiritually during this process?

Especially in the first purchases, we love those who ask for everything upfront, like, "Take it now and pay later," because we learn different lessons from each of them. Life lessons :) Joking aside, we love being productive, developing ourselves, and trying new things. And if we can be useful to someone by sharing what we produce, there is nothing happier for us.

We learned that copying will not get us anywhere, especially in design in Turkey. Yes, you can copy, you can make money, maybe no one will notice that you copied, but you contradict yourself and won't be innovative in this way.

For now, that's it, stay happy :)

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