Who We Are



   Serap Boztaş & Ahmet Boztaş

         Founded Lama Design


   Lama Design, is a design office based in Antalya, Turkey. Founded by Serap Boztaş And Ahmet Boztaş. They has worked with international developers, designing landmark residential and hotel projects throughout Asia, Africa, and the Middle East since 2017.      

   Lama Design also create an authentic and innovator furniture using natural materials to correlate them with functional and warm living spaces.

Lama Design aims to bring comfort, convenience, and aesthetic beauty to your home with its designs that add natural touches to modern city life.

We prioritize three fundamental values on this journey.

For enthusiasts of Urbanology, we DESIGN unique, modern, and innovative furniture with aesthetic and functional solutions.

As part of the Lama Design family, we PRODUCE living furniture that you will use for many years, providing reliable service and after-sales support.

We are GROWING by dedicating maximum time and resources to the efforts and activities towards the institutionalization of our growing company.

Since 2017, in both our export and retail sales, we continue to offer quality solutions that you, Urbanology enthusiasts, can enjoy and use for many years in line with these principles.

We love our furniture.

"Trees and stones whisper things to you that no human can teach."

For some, there is a psychology of time that either flies away or sometimes stays stuck. Sitting in an uncomfortable chair while time flows suddenly in an area you love almost makes time stand still.

For you, we dreamed of capturing timelessness while time flows with pleasure, and with our creativity, energy, and conscious team, we are chasing our dreams.

With the values we attach to humanity and nature, we bring our modern designs together with experienced hands using natural materials, inviting you to join this enjoyable journey.