Open Consent Text

I hereby grant explicit consent to Lama Design Architecture and Construction Trade Limited Company ("Lama") for the processing of my email address information for the following purposes:

  1. Providing information about campaigns related to products and services,
  2. Evaluating customer satisfaction and conducting analyses,
  3. Contacting me within this scope,
  4. Conducting promotional, marketing, and campaign activities for the mentioned services and products via email,
  5. Storing and using the information I have shared within the framework mentioned above by Lama,
  6. Sharing my email information with a commercial electronic messaging service provider for the purpose of presenting opportunities,
  7. Recording the content of commercial electronic messages and other records related to the dispatch, when necessary, to be submitted to the Ministry of Commerce,
  8. Making the necessary data transfers for the registration of this explicit consent into the Message Management System Inc. system.

This consent is given for the purposes stated above and covers the processing of my email address information by Lama in the specified context. I acknowledge that I have been informed about the processing of my personal data and my rights in accordance with the relevant legislation.

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